Production / Test Manifold Skids

The Multiport Selector Valve Manifold Skid or Production Skid, consist in an engineered and fabricated assembly comprising of one or more Multiport Selector Valves (MSV).

The operational heart of this equipment is the MSV, which has an Intelligent Actuator. All the connections to the 7 inlets of the Multiport Valve, as well as for the 2 outlets (Production and test), are mounted on an oilfield transporting skid. These inlets and outlets are supplied with the corresponding, insolating valves, check valves, pressure and temperature transmitter so therefore, when the assembly is received in the field, it is ready for connection and subsequent operation; no needs of painting, welding, or field testing on the site!!!

Production Skids are of modular design, that allows easier transportation to site as a single package, ready to be connected to existing lines.

Our MSV is ideal for production manifolds in off-shore platform where size and weight are key factors.

Production skid with optional full by-pass for test and production line allows to replace/ maintenance the MSV without disrupting the production.

Key features of Pour Production Skid:


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